Via John Gruber:

27 year old Frisian developer Eric Wijngaard won $275,000 in Google’s Android Developer Challenge for his ‘PicSay’ application.

In an interview with a Dutch website he says he likes Google’s SDK but “What I really wanted to do was develop an iPhone app. The iPhone SDK wasn’t out yet, though.”

Asked what he would do with the cash, his response was “I guess I could invest it in my software company, but first I want to port PicSay to the iPhone.”

You mean it’s a bad idea to inject ten million no-strings-attached dollars into the independent mobile development scene just as your main competitor’s absolute money-factory, game-changing platform is enticing developers all over the map to quit their day jobs and cash in, if only they could afford to eat for the intervening 4 months? Whodathunkit?