This post ought to have begun with a link, and it obviously doesn’t.

It doesn’t because the thing I want to reply to, the opinion I want to tender for discussion, is on Facebook. Thus there’s no universal way to refer to anything ever said there.

That fucking sucks, and it’s exactly what’s wrong with social networking sites today.

I want to begin a discussion on something my buddy Bryan said that will stand the test of time. I want to nurture a dialogue in a way that will (in my own little narcissistic way) give my and Bryan’s ideas the memory of the ages. I want this to become a discussion that lives on beyond today; to possibly become an anecdote that one of us may recount in thirty years when recalling how we got to know each other, maybe the material of a footnote to one of our biographies. Or maybe it will come to nothing, forgotten away in in the internet’s basement.

Either way, if it’s worth talking about, it’s probably also worth archiving, and I can’t do that if you’re talking to me from inside the social networking silo of the day.